Let Me Guess...

  • You are producing content like a crazy person, kneeling before the Social & Google gods to get site traffic.
  • You have a wee box on your site that grows your email list. (Slowly. Very s l o w l y.)
  • You keep hearing "Grow your email list," but have no idea how to do that - you can't make that little box do anymore than it already does.
That's where the Persistent List course comes in!

👋 Hi, I'm Susan & I'm Here to Help.

I've spent over 13 years in paid media, working with thousands of sites. Growing email is a crucial part of your site strategy, but relying on your site to do it alone is a tough way to go.

I've worked extensively with food and lifestyle bloggers just like you, who are eager to build their lists, but don't know where to start.

I have the heart of the teacher and a love for helping small businesses grow.

Do You Talk to Website Visitors After They Leave?

I bet you don't.

But here's the secret: that is where the magic happens for email growth!

What if you could show your site visitors an ad Facebook and Instagram, and they could submit their email to you - without them ever having to leave Facebook or Instagram??

You can.

For $5 a day (or less!) you can show targeted ads with email capture directly in the ad. 

And I'll show you how.

The Persistent List - Coming Soon!

  • Grow your email list automatically to your fans
  • Start with just $5/day
  • Launching end of September, 2020

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I now have an ongoing Facebook campaign to help build my email subscribers. Since the only thing we actually own and have full control over is our blog, increasing my subscribers adds long-lasting value to my business.

I can most definitely recommend working with Susan.
Chef Dennis, AskChefDennis.com
My email subscriber list grew as well as my followers on Instagram and Facebook, all with the expert guidance of Susan! So thankful for her assistance and expertise.
Yvette, MuyBuenoCookbook.com
Facebook Ads are complicated to set up and their performance is difficult to understand, but Susan made the entire process simple and easy. 

On top of that, it truly seems like Susan cares and is invested in my success - a rare trait in this blogging world.
Kristy, SelfProclaimedFoodie.com